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Nearly One-Quarter of Nation’s Roads and Infrastructure at Risk of Flooding

Hospitals to police departments and fire stations to wastewater treatment plants are at risk of becoming overcome by climate change-exacerbated flooding, reported CBS News.

A report on infrastructure examines risk over the next three decades, including roads and major infrastructure in almost all U.S. counties. This report also examines the risks of commercial and residential flooding in addition to government buildings, churches, and schools.

After evaluating states across the nation, from Louisiana to Michigan, the report’s researchers stated that the U.S. is not prepared to face outsized floods.

According to researchers, one in four pieces of critical infrastructure in the country have operational risks, while some two million miles of roads could become impassable with risk rising over the next three decades.

The report also states that around 17 percent of schools and 14 percent of all residential properties are also vulnerable.

Congress is considering investing trillions including a bipartisan infrastructure bill to update outdated systems and help the nation run daily.

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