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New York School Bus Driver Makes Student’s Dream Come True

A school bus driver in Springville, New York, made a 10-year-old’s dream come true by giving him a ride on the “big bus,” reported ABC 7.

Springville school bus driver Ben “Mr. Ben” Cyr made a positive impact on student rider Aiden Morrison.

The boy usually rides on a small Type A school bus because he has autism. “Mr. Ben” drives a school bus for students with disabilities and noticed that Morrison and other students were voicing their frustration about their bus size.

Cyr told local news reporters that the kids would say, “How come we can’t take the big bus?” Cyr said he asked his supervisor if he could make Morrison’s dream of riding the “big bus,” ostensibly a Type C, come true.

Soon after, Morrison was reportedly surprised when a big yellow bus showed up to his house to pick him up for school. He was excited and hugged “Mr. Ben” in thanks.

Kimberly Morrison said her son does not hug spontaneously, and she was in tears to see him react the way he did.

Although Morrison went back to riding on his Type A bus, his mother was touched by “Mr. Ben’s” act of kindness. She said that Aiden wants to be like the other kids, but it’s hard for him to have those same opportunities.

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