Oklahoma District Changes School Bus Routes Due to Driving Conditions

Stock photo of school buses.
Stock photo of school buses.

An Oklahoma district is changing its routes after several buses slid off the road into ditches. In one instance, 30 students were trapped inside, reported Oklahoma News 4.

The segment reported that when routes are full of mud, snow, or it’s raining, school buses slide off the road in Morrison, Oklahoma. The superintendent of Morrison Schools reportedly said he is constantly having to pull the buses out.

So on Wednesday, a school bus with 30 kids inside reportedly slide off the road in the rain, with no one injured in the incident. However, district officials are concerned about injuries in the future, since this is an ongoing problem.

Last week, a letter was sent to parents that announced a route change. However, this means parents will now have to drive their kids to designated areas to be picked up. In some circumstances, parents have to drive miles from their homes to reach the bus stop.

The new bus stops will remain for the rest of the year, officials noted.