Paramus, N.J., School Board Buys First Buses with 3-Point Seat Belts

The scene on Highway 80 in New Jersey of a fatal crash involving a Paramus school bus that made an illegal U-turn and was struck by a dump truck.

The Paramus, New Jersey, Board of Education is planning to purchase six new school buses that will be equipped with 3-point seat belts, reports the Chronicle.

At a reported average additional cost of $5,300 per bus for the lap-shoulder belts, the school district is spending a total of $621,906 for the new 54-passenger buses.

The deadly May 17 school bus crash during a field trip that killed one student and one teacher is being cited as the primary reason for the new bus order.

Last week, Gov. Phil Murphy signed a new law that requires all new school buses to be equipped with the lap-shoulder seat belts. The previous law required only two-point lap belts.

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