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Round Up: Gun Activity Around School Bus Stops

In Fort Wayne, Indiana, Fort Wayne’s NBC TV station reported that three men fired bullets into the air near students who were disembarking from a school bus earlier this week.

The segment stated that students were walking home when three men walked behind them and started firing shots into the air on Aug. 13. Two students said the bullets went through their home’s front window and hit their upstairs bedroom. One bullet reportedly missed a boy’s head by only several feet.

The police reportedly recovered the gun and officers are asking for help in identifying the suspects. Neighbors discussed their concerns for the safety of their kids.

Meanwhile, in Jacksonville, Florida, a 15-year-old boy pointed a gun at a school bus near a school bus stop in a dispute over a $20 debt, News4Jax reported.

The teen, Kenyon Getzen, was taken into custody and is now facing a third-degree felony charge of aggravated assault without intent to kill. The news segment stated he did not pull the trigger, and no one was injured.

A student on the bus reportedly said that Getzen had come to collect money that one of the students owed him. Getzen attends school at Grand Park Education Center.

The bus driver pulled over after the incident on Aug. 14. The parents of the students who were riding the bus were called to pick them up, the report said.

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