School Bus Cameras Could Be Coming to New York

School Bus Cameras
Photo courtesy of Safe Fleet.

The Democrat & Chronicle reported that cameras that catch and ticket motorists who illegally pass a school bus could soon be coming to New York cities.

Lawmakers in the New York State Senate and Assembly have reportedly struck a deal on a bill that would allow school districts and municipalities to install cameras on their buses. The goal is to crack down on drivers who illegally pass stopped school buses.

The bill would allow school boards to approve resolutions at their districts to install cameras either on the stop-arm or somewhere else on the vehicles that can easily capture a license plate. Signs would also be required to be placed that notify motorists that school bus cameras are in use. In addition, the bill would mandate that numbers be reported on how many tickets were issued each year, to the state and local law enforcement.

The bill could be voted on by the Senate as soon as next week, and the chances of it being approved remain strong, the report said.