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Texas HB 2262 Would Ban Red-Light Cameras, School Bus Stop-Arm Cameras

Texas House Bill 2262, which would ban traffic surveillance systems, was introduced on February 22. However, it was left pending in the house committee on March 26.

If passed, the bill would eliminate surveillance traffic citations, red-light cameras, and school bus cameras to help cite drivers who fail to stop for students who are crossing the street, reported

State Rep. Ed Thompson authored the bill. However, several people have spoken out against it, reported the article.

San Antonio Independent School District reportedly began using the school bus stop-arm camera system at the beginning of the year. The cameras function like a red-light camera in which a citation is sent by mail to the vehicle owner.

Citations help pay for the buses to be equipped with external cameras, free Wi-Fi for students and a tracking system used by parents, claimed the article.

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