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Video Captures Bullying Attack on a School Bus

News 6 reports on an attack aboard a Spruce Creek High School bus that was captured on video, showing that the driver and aide reportedly did not help the victim.

Video of the attack that was posted on social media shows high school student Eve Ross shielding her head with her arms as other students pull her hair and hit her. More people are gathered around watching.

Eve’s mother Stephanie Ross has filed a police report and wants the students who attacked her daughter arrested. Ross also says the school did not call her about what had happened, or give her daughter medical attention.

She took her daughter off the school bus and questioned why the bus driver or aide reportedly did not intervene.

“Even though the bus driver was driving, there was another person on the school bus that could have contacted law enforcement and the school officials to let them know, “We have a problem on the bus with students and we can’t control them right now,’” she commented.

Ross also said that she hopes parents of the high school students will have a conversation with their children about bullying.

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