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Video Shows Cellphone Use While Driving, Caused Texas Crash

According to the Insurance Journal, a new video shows an Oklahoma elementary school principal, Ty Bell, allegedly using his phone while driving the school bus that led to a crash in Lampass, Texas.

The Oklahoma principal allegedly crashed a school bus full of 24 students and four adults in Texas. The principal has since denied the cell phone usage claim, according to the article.

A girl who was critically injured in the crash hired an attorney, who is encouraging Norman Public Schools to release the bus video, to supposedly prove that Bell was using his cellphone on Sept. 29, when he lost control of the school bus. While Texas Highway Patrol has requested the video for their investigation, the district has so far refused to cooperate.

According to news reports, Bell was driving Cleveland Elementary School students to SeaWorld in San Antonio, when the bus hydroplaned on a wet road, rolled over and struck a fence. Bell was the only person wearing a seat belt and was uninjured in the crash.

Three students and two adults were seriously injured, the article noted.

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