Peak in Solar Wind Cycle Will Likely Affect Real-Time Data Transfer

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says severe geo-magnetic storms forecasted for 2013 are a cause for concern as peaks in solar bursts of energy could lead to interruptions in real-time GPS and communications data transfers, and manufacturers and end-users must prepare now if they haven’t already.

Hello, My Name is…SMI

Following a year of growth, the company formerly known as Specialty Manufacturing reintroduces itself

Despite a new name and recent acquisitions, SMI leaders want you to know they’re committed to offering the same quality and price commitment they always have. In June, Specialty Manufacturing of Pineville, N.C., added its former rival, Transpec of Sterling Heights, Mich. to its family of companies. The company, now called SMI, also owns SpecFlor and Pretoria Transit Interiors. It is now the only U.S. manufacturer of stop arms and crossing gates.

It's On

2007 diesel engines are hear, and even operators of small buses need to know a thing or two

The school bus industry is finally putting the real pedal to the metal under EPA standard mandates for cleaner diesel engines. The time is up for manufacturers to plan, test and pre-produce the model year 2007 engines.

Retread on Me

New tires or retreads for school bus fleets?

Are retreads safe and do they actually save money? Most fleet managers have a definite opinion on this question. If the answer is clear, why doesn’t everyone agree? Let’s examine the pros and cons.

Multi-Question Exam

Understanding school bus multiplex wiring issues

The average 1948 car had 55 wires with 150 feet of wiring weighing 10 pounds. By 1994, this mushroomed to 1,500 wires weighing 165 pounds with a mile of wiring. Besides adding weight and consuming space, complicated wiring harnesses brought assembly and maintenance headaches. The solution was multiplexing.

Industry Inflection

New Technology Can Only Improve Safety with Proper Training, Experts Say

Lights, camera … mirrors? These three components can work together to optimize school bus drivers’ field of vision around their bus, yet industry professionals agree that the mirrors are the most essential tool, combined with the proper training, to ensure that students stay safe.

It's in the Numbers

An aerospace engineer shows how match can forecast school bus service requirements, and save time and money in the process