September 2014

09STN COVER WEB copyCover Photo: Vincent RiosRead about how GPS and telematics affect the ability of student transporters to manage, maintain and monitor today’s fleets as well as a recap of the STN EXPO. 

A New Way of Thinking: Taking the Camera Box and Getting Out of the Box

Now that the nation has returned to school, we again are faced with the recurring nightmares of lost students, "overcrowded" buses, verified ridership and appropriate behaviors. While talking about the use of GPS and RFID, specific instances have been given on how to best use your resources. Camera systems are no different as they are an invaluable resource and asset.

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Head Of The Class

Depending on whom you talk to, the language used to reference their operation and maintenance has evolved to include GTC (Ground Traffic Control), TCU (Telematics Control Unit) and MRM (Mobile Resource Management), among other things. They can indicate the requested status of any part of their operation, and in some cases, they can even give voice to their responses. These solutions tell us who their occupants are, where they’ve been, where they’re going and how quickly they’re getting there. They can even tell us where it hurts.

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Locking Up the Cloud

“Clouds” have ushered in landmark technology to education communities but also flurries of debate within corporate, legislative and legal forums. Student privacy and safeguarding student data, especially on the school bus, have become the year’s hot topic.

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Wi-Fi Now an Option for Iowa School Buses

Iowa recently updated its state school bus specifications and added Wi-Fi Internet to its list of approved list. Now local school districts must decide how they oversee access.

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