Roundup: Mother's Perspective on Special Needs Training, Indie Film on Leaving Students on Buses

In Pennsylvania, two bills designed to protect students who suffer from food allergies are making headway in the legislature. House Bill 803 would permit schools to obtain a prescription from a physician for an epinephrine auto injector, or epi-pen. Epinephrine is the primary treatment for anaphylaxis, a serious and potentially fatal allergic reaction that can cause throat swelling, a rash and a drop in blood pressure.

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Data Needed on Fuel Efficient Tires and School Buses to Gauge Compatibility

As transportation director for the Detroit Public Schools, Dale Goby was always looking for ways to save money without sacrificing student safety or operational efficiency. In 2005 he looked at the situation literally from the ground up. When a tire manufacturer made claims that it made a tire that would increase fuel mileage, Goby decided to give the tires a try and installed them on the rear of two special needs buses.

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Zonar Releases Monthly Subscriptions for School Bus Telematics Bundling

School bus operators can purchase monthly subscriptions for vehicle telematics bundle packages that include hardware, installation, activation, around-the-clock support and lifetime hardware warranties. The packages start at $20 per month and require no up-front capital expense, the company said.

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Florida District Approves Spending Up to $1 Million on Bus Cameras

The Palm Beach County School District voted on May 13 to enter into a contract with video surveillance provider AngelTrax to install digital cameras on every school bus by the start of the 2014-2015 school year. The school board will spend up to $1 million on cameras to better monitor the students who ride the district's 600 buses.

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