August 2022

Cover courtesy of PERC. Illustration by Matt Brown

Read this month’s issue for in-depth look at different angles to consider when choosing the low- and zero- emissions school bus option for your district. Learn more about staff training, increased safety onboard the bus as well as at the school bus stop “danger zone,” and more!

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Cover Story

Persistence Pays Off
Special education student Jack Kendrick came to not only rely on the school bus but fall in love with it. When he wanted a propane bus for his route, but one wasn’t available, Jack took matters into his own hands. 


Going Electric
Transportation experts share that besides purchasing new equipment and infrastructure, mechanic training is just as important to a smooth adoption of a green fleet. 

Overcoming Every Challenge: Meet STN’s 2022 Garage Stars
This year’s Garage Stars demonstrate what it means to be in the pupil transportation industry. Learn from them and their leaders on what makes them stand out. 

Thinking Beyond Green
Besides the funding for low- and zero- emissions school buses, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law includes a section devoted to the review of laws, safety measures and technologies relating to the school bus ‘Danger Zone.’ 

Special Reports

Anxiety of New School Year Exacerbated by Security Concerns 
After one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S., psychologists share how student transporters can mentally prepare their staff and students to return to buses and class. 

Smart Choices
School bus video cameras were once seen as a luxury but have evolved into a vital part of transportation leader decision-making when addressing student and staff safety on the bus. 

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Editor’s Take by Ryan Gray
Providing Visibility

Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin
Ingredients of a Successful Team 


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