July 2023

Innovator of the Year Bill Griffiths of Beacon Mobility. Photo & design courtesy of Vincent Rios Creative.
Innovator of the Year Bill Griffiths of Beacon Mobility. Photo & design courtesy of Vincent Rios Creative.

Meet the 2023 Innovator of the Year winner, Bill Griffiths of Beacon Mobility, who shares insights on how teamwork leads to reliability and industry advancements. Learn more about driver retention, data driven strategies for installing electric vehicle infrastructure, the challenges districts face with the accelerated move to zero emissions and the latest discussions around a school bus specific CDL.

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Cover Story

There Is No ‘I’ in Team
Fleet expert to be awarded this month by School Transportation News and National School Transportation Association for driving advancements to contractor’s school bus maintenance programs.


Data Leads the Green Push
School bus companies set end goals in terms of zero-emissions fleet adoptions driven by analyzed decisions for what locations receive the buses and infrastructure first.

Electric Handshake
The industry is realizing that going green is a huge undertaking and not a project to be taken lightly or without partnerships in place.

Special Reports

Yellow Only?
The school bus driver shortage continues. According to an STN survey, readers averaged at least 10 driver openings this past school year. Some say the answer could be a school-bus-specific CDL.

Bus Monitors: Your Next Retention Strategy?
Having a bus assistant or monitor on board every route could help increase safety and provide much needed help to school bus drivers. However, many districts only provide these staff members as required per student IEPs.

Q&A: Accelerating Change
Amy Davis, president of Accelera by Cummins, sat down with School Transportation News in May to discuss the future of zero emissions.

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Editor’s Take by Ryan Gray
Catching the Horse Up to the Cart

Thought Leader by Robert T. Pudlewski
Vehicle & Parts Procurement: Data Collection Needed to Get Ready for New Direction

Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin
The Culture of Top Transportation Teams

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