May 2019

    New school bus technology addresses illegal passing, child detection systems, student behavior on the bus and more.

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    Cover Story

    OEMs Add Safety Solutions to the School Bus
    Accidents happen, but the electronic stability control and collision avoidance systems are designed to help student transporters avoid tragedies.


    New Technology Addressing Illegal Passing Incidents
    Predictive stop-arm technology joins video technology as tools to combat motorists who fail to heed laws that are designed to protect students who are loading and unloading from the school bus.

    STN EXPO Indianapolis Preview
    Meet one of the keynote speakers who is scheduled for the inaugural event, which is June 7-12. Continue on to page 58 for the complete workshop schedule, this month’s advertisers that are exhibiting at the trade show and much more.

    Special Reports 

    Better School Bus Behavior
    The onboard school bus behavior of students is directly affected by the relationship they have with their bus drivers. A welcoming environment can improve the ride to and from school.

    Shrinking the ‘Danger Zone’
    Readers weigh in on the adoption of 360-degree video systems that provide school bus drivers with improved vision around bus stops.


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    Thought Leader by Michael Dorn
    School Bus Security and Emergency Preparedness — Have you Properly Tested your Approaches?

    Thought Leader by Robert Scott
    Affordable Technology Goes back to the Future

    Editor’s Take by Ryan Gray
    No Passing on Educational Opportunities

    Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin
    Technology Rush