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Keynote Speaker Brings Fraud-Busting Techniques to STN EXPO Reno

Traci Brown, who TIME Magazine named one of the top deception detection experts in the U.S., is bringing her expertise to STN EXPO Reno this summer.

Traci Brown, CSP
Traci Brown, CSP

Brown will first provide training at the Transportation Director’s Summit on July 15 in Lake Tahoe. The TD Summit is an exclusive leadership training and networking event where attendees will learn how to instill trust throughout their organizations with highly engaging presentations on how the values of honesty and integrity translate to the business world.

Brown has training in body language and deception detection alongside some of the nation’s top law enforcement and translates her expertise to realistic everyday situations, to uncover lies or fraud. She will address the crucial responsibility that student transportation professionals have to assert the importance of school transportation and make sure they not only have a seat at the school district table but how to actively assess discussions and dialogue.

The keynote session “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire” is scheduled for Monday, July 17 during the STN EXPO Reno conference in Reno, Nevada.

Brown will also lead attendees in practicing their lie-detecting skills in real time and give them tools for interactions with school district administration, supervisors and school boards. She uses footage of celebrities and famous figures as real-life examples of how prevalent secrets and lies are in today’s world.

Brown is a certified speaking professional, author of four books, and an executive producer of the TV show, “Truth, Lies and Coverups.” She holds a degree in business from the University of Colorado and is a certified master practitioner of neurolinguistics.

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