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TSD Keynote Speaker Says ‘It’s All About Relationships’

Amid the numerous variables involved in safely and effectively transporting students with special needs, Dr. Stephen Sroka says relationships may be the most important one.

Dr. Stephen Sroka

During the opening keynote session at TSD Conference in November, Sroka will give attendees an in-depth look at the “4 C’s” of communication, collaboration, cultural competency and caring he says are needed to build lasting relationships with students and staff.

Sroka will speak on the importance of educating staff on social-emotional learning, stress management and how to improve student wellness and mental health.

Sroka uses “tips from the trenches” to give attendees practical strategies, backed by research and real-life experiences, so they can utilize the power of words when relating to students who have struggled with trauma and adverse childhood experiences.

Despite being told by his high school counselor that he didn’t have the IQ to go to college, Sroka persevered and learned to excel as an educator. He was later inducted into the National Teachers Hall of Fame and the awarded the Walt Disney American Outstanding Teacher of Health as well as the Outstanding School Health Educator Award.

Sroka is now an adjunct assistant professor at the School of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University, and president and owner of Health Education Consultants.

The keynote session “The Courage to Live and Lead in the Face of Adversity: It’s all about Relationships” will be held on Wed., Nov. 9 during the TSD Conference in Frisco, Texas.

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