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Older Driver Safety Awareness Week Focuses on Education

The Texas Association for Pupil Transportation (TAPT) shared safety tips to kick off Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, including educating drivers on the new emerging technologies.

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week is being held this week by the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA).

The TAPT used the week to share safety insights that confront many older drivers. The organization encouraged employees to share these tips with others, to help ensure a safer driving culture.

  • Be vision-tested at least once a year and be wary of compromised night vision.
  • Schedule a hearing test and be alert for sounds, such as sirens from emergency vehicles and ringing bells at railroad crossings.
  • Maintain consistent sleep habits.
  • Consult with a doctor or pharmacist to discuss how certain medications can affect driving.
  • Provide educational opportunities, so drivers can stay updated on new technologies in today’s vehicles.

The TAPT noted that new technologies include automatic emergency braking, electronic stability control and tire pressure monitoring systems. These technologies are starting to be integrated into school buses as well.

This year, IC Bus started manufacturing all of its new school buses to include electronic stability control and collision mitigation technology. Other OEMs are also focusing on new technologies that can improve the safety of the school bus.

Thomas Built Buses is expanding its pedestrian detection system, which was unveiled at STN EXPO Reno in 2018. Instead of focusing on a system taking over the vehicle, Thomas Bus provides a camera that will notify the bus driver if a student is located in the “Danger Zone” around the vehicle at stops.

The TAPT stated that while the bus driver remains the vehicle’s best feature, there are additional solutoins that are available that can improve safety. The TAPT said it encourages using the National Safety Council’s tools and MyCarDoesWhat to organize educational safety sessions.

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Meanwhile, the AOTA is also stressing a different aspect of older driving safety throughout this week. Its goal is to promote the importance of mobility and transportation for older adults, hoping that transportation will not become a barrier to life. AOTA stated it does not want transportation to be the factor that strands older adults at home.

Each day of the week on the AOTA website, there is a new topic that focuses on one aspect of driving and features tips and recommendations that can help older drivers navigate various challenges.

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