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Round Up: Hero Students Stop Moving Bus Due to Bus Driver Medical Emergencies

An Ohio fifth-grader hit the brakes of the school bus he was riding on, when he noticed the driver was passing out, reported Miami Herald News.

Sujaan Singh was reportedly praised by Twinsburg City School District Superintendent Kathryn Powers after he recognized the driver was having a medical emergency and stopped the moving bus by pressing on the brakes. The incident occurred on March 17.

The student is being lauded for saving the lives of those inside the bus, as the bus would have crashed if it had not been stopped.

Singh reportedly tried to wake up the bus driver, who had passed out, and the driver eventually regained consciousness. Another student then proceeded to call 911. The bus driver’s medical emergency was not disclosed at this report.

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Meanwhile, on Monday afternoon, students in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania also stopped a moving school bus after the bus driver suffered a medical emergency, reported

According to authorities, a dozen students from Holy Redeemer High School were on board the bus, when the bus driver suffered a medical emergency and the bus rolled backward and struck another vehicle.

Two students reportedly put the bus into park to stop it from rolling any further.

The medical emergency of the bus driver was also not disclosed at this writing. However, the driver was taken to the hospital and no other injuries were reported.

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