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School Bus Driver Fired After Skipping Students’ Stops in Alabama

An Apple bus driver admitted to skipping stops, due to disruptive students on March 16 in Huntsville, Alabama. The bus driver was reportedly fired for not following the correct protocol, according to WHNT19 News.

The driver reportedly pulled over and called the police to get help with the situation, the report said. Meanwhile, a video surfaced on social media of school-aged children explaining to parents that the bus driver had tried to kidnap them. The police are investigating the claims, but believe they were exaggerated, it was reported.

Four cameras on the bus confirmed that the bus driver did skip his first few stops, due to the students being disruptive, and did make inappropriate comments. According to the report, no serious threats were made to any children.

The school board agreed that the termination was necessary, but also added that parents need to talk to their children about appropriate behavior when riding the school bus, WHNT19 said.

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