School Bus Turned Chicken Coop in Michigan

Red Gate Farm in Michigan turned a school bus into a chicken coop. Facebook/Maple City Chicken Bus.

On the lighter end of the news spectrum, a retired school bus has transformed into a cage-free chicken coop at Red Gate Farm Leelanau County, Michigan, reported UpNorthLive.

The farm owner, Andria Metrakos told UpNorthLive, she parked the former Glen Lake Community Schools bus on her property in November after purchasing it, and it hasn’t moved since. The school bus offers a home to her number of chickens on her property.

Metrakos is also selling the eggs from her driveway to meet community demand in light of food shortages resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

Metrakos created a Facebook Page to share information on and photos of her Maple City Chicken Bus with those across the country.