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South Carolina Students Wait Hour at Bus Stops Amid Driver Shortage

Amid school bus driver shortages, bus drivers are forced to double up on their routes. Because of this, parents and students are waiting nearly an hour at bus stops, reported News 19.

The South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) says the national school bus driver shortage is also an issue in Midlands.

Richland Two District is also in need of school bus drivers. Many of their drivers have had to pick up an extra route every day. Students are now getting to school 30 to 40 minutes later than they normally would.

With the current pandemic, it is hard to pick up students since drivers cannot put them all together at once, like they would in the past. This district is also in need of 20 bus drivers, said Safety Manager Jodi Regis.

With the current shortage and 11 drivers out due to COVID-19, Lexington School District One needs at least 36 school bus drivers, stated their Chief of Communications Officer.

Some districts are offering sign-on bonuses, training and incentives for people who apply for bus driver positions.

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