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South Dakota School Districts Add Propane Buses to Fleet

Six school districts in South Dakota are adding propane-fueled school buses to their fleet, thanks to a state Clean Diesel Grant and other funding opportunities, reported Dakota News Now.

The first propane bus purchased by Lennox School District was from Blue Bird Corporation three years ago, with the intention of reducing maintenance costs. Russ Nelson, director of transportation for the district, said that a propane bus requires less maintenance than a diesel engine.

Lennox now has three propane buses, which not only benefits the district financially but also environmentally.

Meanwhile, Harrisburg School District also went ahead and added eight propane buses to its fleet. The district also invested in a propane fueling station, which helps cut cost even more.

Both districts stated that the cleaner emissions have a positive impact on student’s health. The goal is to avoid exposing kids to the black cloud of smoke that diesel buses produce. District officials agree that propane buses are safe and proven technology. The other four districts that received propane buses include Brookings, Gayville-Volin, Harrisburg, Lennox, Madison Central and Yankton.

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