Collaboration Needed to Improve Bus Behavior

There are many challenges that come with the job of driving a school bus, especially when students misbehave and cause distractions. A school bus company and elementary school in Palmer, Massachusetts, have partnered to create a program that encourages and rewards positive behavior from students on the school bus.

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Watch and See

Demand is rising on all fronts for the video surveillance systems used to keep an eye on children riding the school bus — among suppliers working to meet customer demand, schools seeking accountability and parents who increasingly call for student monitoring.

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Former Officers Provide Tips to Curb Bus Violence

Though recent acts of terrorism here and abroad have many on edge, school security professionals maintain that the more likely threat to children’s safety, particularly aboard yellow buses, is posed by friends and neighbors. This is why school bus drivers need to be vigilant and prepared for these “homegrown” acts of violence from district students and their parents.

Bus Drivers Need to Understand the Difficulties of Tourette’s Syndrome

People pass judgment before they know the whole story. For example: A new student is added to one a route, and the driver immediately notice there is something different about him or her. The child may twitch nervously in their seat, or they may blurt out inappropriate comments without cause. What appears to be bad behavior is sometimes something that is uncontrollable, often times a disorder commonly referred to as Tourette’s syndrome.

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