Sunday, September 26, 2021

May 2020

This month’s issue features articles about the coronavirus pandemic, the installation of lap/shoulder seatbelts, and mock casualty exercises, among other topics.

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Cover Story

New Student Transportation Missions
School bus drivers nationwide have switched their roles to a different type of service.


Mock Casualty Exercises Meet Training Needs
Transportation directors discuss the importance of working with governmental agencies and first responders to fill holes in school bus emergency response.

Strapping In
School districts across the U.S. adopt lap/shoulder seatbelt policies, Canadian provinces are also beginning pilot-programs to test the safety benefits of restraints in school buses.

Eyes on the Inside
Interior cameras provide insight into what is happening on the school bus, from both an operational and student management perspective.

Expanding Student Safety Around the ‘Danger Zone’
Technology is playing a role in preventing illegal passing incidents as well as increasing pedestrian safety during student pickups and drop-offs.


Trends in Evacuations
Coronavirus Response in Photos
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Editor’s Take by Ryan Gray
Making Sense of the ‘New Normal’

Thought Leader by Michael Dorn
Getting the Buses Rolling After the Pandemic

Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin
You Don’t Miss Something Until It’s Taken Away

September 2021

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