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School Bus Driver Creates YouTube Channel to Educate Peers, Other Motorists

Habersham County school bus driver Mark Arrowood started his own YouTube channel, “Oobies Tips,” to cover important topics such as traffic laws as well as advice for preventing bullying and de-escalating conflicts between students.

Arrowood, started his channel in May and has since posted more than 20 videos. One of his most popular videos is “When Do You Need to Stop for a School Bus? | Understanding Traffic Laws.”

In this video, Arrowood addresses the importance of understanding traffic laws to keep students safe. He goes over the rules and regulations of when to stop for a school bus, which includes when to stop on a two-lane road, stop on a multi-lane road and what to do when the school bus has its flashing lights on.

Although the laws included in the video are for the state of Georgia, the purpose is to demonstrate to viewers the consequences of not following laws and how individuals can help to keep roads safe for everyone.

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