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Florida School Bus Attendant Saves Drowning Toddler

Thanks to Charlotte County Public Schools (CCPS) bus attendant Kathleen Richardson, a local family has something extra special to be thankful for this holiday season.

On Nov. 16, Richardson saved the life of her neighbor’s 17-month-old child from drowning after falling into a swimming pool. Richardson responded after hearing the boy’s mother calling for help because the child was unresponsive. Charlotte County Public Schools released a statement on their site, confirming this incident.

According to the statement, Richardson was outside her home in North Port, Florida when she heard the boy’s mother screaming for help and for someone to call 911.

Local news reported the mother and her two older sons were taking the trash out and left the door open to the fenced-in pool. The 17-month-old toddler named Jagger ended up falling in the pool.

The statement from CCPS added that Richardson reportedly ran to her neighbor’s house and found the mother pulling their child out of the swimming pool. The boy was blue and unresponsive. Without hesitation, Richardson grabbed the child and told the mother to call 911 while she performed CPR, actions that ultimately saved the 17-month old’s life.

The statement added that as a Charlotte County bus attendant, Richardson did what she was trained to do.

Jagger spent a few days in the hospital under observation but is now fully recovering at home.

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