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New Jersey Governor Announces $13M for Electric School Buses

Gov. Phil Murphy announced an investment of more than $100 million for clean, equitable transportation projects to improve air quality and reduce the effects of climate change, while also moving New Jersey towards its goal of 100 percent clean energy by 2050.

Included in the $100 million, made available by leveraging proceeds from state participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and the Volkswagen Mitigation Trust Funds, is $13 million in grants for use in low- and moderate-income communities.

The money is designed to help reduce emissions that affect air quality for children through the deployment of electric school buses and shuttle buses. The funding will also help implement electrification programs, equitable mobility projects, and electric charging infrastructure to communities across the state.

In addition, Murphy signed Executive Order No. 221, which establishes the Office of Climate Action and Green Economy. It will focus on addressing climate change and ensuring New Jersey’s clean energy future, as well as helping the state transition to a green economy.

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“Climate change is the single greatest long-term threat currently facing humanity, and our state and economy are uniquely vulnerable to its devastating effects,” said Murphy via a press release. “The investments we are announcing today signify our commitment to environmental justice and equity, while building a cleaner economy that works for all. The newly created Office of Climate Action and the Green Economy, coupled with the New Jersey Council on the Green Economy, will use our trademark innovation and talented workforce to make New Jersey a national leader of the green economy. Together, these initiatives we will make New Jersey stronger, fairer—and greener—for generations to come.”

The $100 million investment to fund green projects includes:

  • $9 million in grants for local government electrification projects focusing on deploying electric garbage and delivery trucks
  • $13 million in grants for low- and moderate-income communities to reduce emissions that affect children’s air quality through the deployment of electric school buses and shuttle buses
  • $5 million in grants for equitable mobility projects that will bring electric vehicle ride-hailing and charging stations to four New Jersey towns and cities
  • $5 million in grants for the deployment of fast charging infrastructure at 27 locations statewide
  • $36 million to reduce diesel and black carbon emissions in environmental justice communities by electrifying port, cargo handling, and other medium- and heavy-duty equipment in port and industrial areas
    • $15 million towards NJ TRANSIT bus electrification
    • $15 million towards flex funding to further deploy additional funding to the listed initiatives

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