Monday, May 29, 2023
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Students in Elkhart County, Indiana Receive Reflectors

Monteith’s Best One Tire and Auto Care donated reflectors to all grade school students in Elkhart County, Indiana after the death of three siblings in October, reported.

About 20,000 battery-powered reflectors with blinking lights will be distributed starting next week. The lights are designed to be attached to the students’ backpack.

“[It] struck home for us, because we provide tires for over 300 buses in Elkhart County, and one of the schools reached out to us and wanted to know if we sell these reflectors for the kids for their backpacks when they get on the bus, and our management team decided that they didn’t want to sell them, they just wanted to donate them to the schools,” said Timothy Wolfe, president of Monteith’s Best One Tire and Auto Care said, according to the article.

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