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Dubai Student Granted Golden Visa for Inventing Life-Saving Device

A Dubai high school student invented a life-saving device for the city’s school buses after witnessing his friend’s death in 2019, reported Khaleej Times.

Sabeel Basheer’s friend Mohammed Farhan is said to have suffocated after being left behind in a bus while traveling to an Islamic studies center. This death gained media attention and spurred a debate about child safety on school buses.

In 2020, Basheer invented his Smart Vigilant System, which is a device that can alert authorities within 30 seconds of a child being left alone in a school bus. The system is activated after the bus driver turns off the ignition and closes the doors.

Amid this invention, Basheer reportedly received the Golden Visa, which is a type of permit that can provide a pathway to obtaining residence or ultimately citizenship in a foreign country. He added that he and his family are honored and thankful.

The vigilance system is reportedly undergoing mass manufacturing in India, China and Taiwan. Basheer said that the device is also now able to scan the bus for children’s heartbeat, motion and breath.

Additionally, the device provides complete student safety solutions, including the vehicle’s health and the state of the bus driver.

A mobile application has reportedly been developed, through which parents get an advance notification on when their child should arrive at home.

Basheer and his family reportedly hope the authorities will install the device in all school buses across the United Arab Emirates.

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