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Florida Community Raises Money to Support School Bus Drivers

After dozens of school bus drivers quit over Christmas or are calling out sick because of COVID-19, Lee County Schools in Florida started the new calendar year short-staffed like many districts nationwide. The local community is raising money to help, reported WINK News.

Bus driver shortages have been occurring since before the start of the current pandemic, however, a Lee County bus driver who wished to remain anonymous reportedly said, “It’s the craziest I’ve seen in 12 years.”

Drivers, according to the article, feel overworked, underpaid and unappreciated because they must cover the routes of those that call in sick, retire or simply quit.

A group of concerned neighbors said they wanted to help. Masha Ellis and Crystal Johnson said they heard drivers speak out at school board meetings, which inspired them to take action.

The two raised money to buy gift cards for drivers so they could shop, eat or simply get gas for their personal vehicles. Johnson stated that whatever they can do to make life less stressful for them, it’s what they want to do.

Those neighbors also received gift cards and donations from local businesses. They plan to continue this fundraising and gift drivers with tokens of appreciation.

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