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Indiana Third Grade Student Left Alone All Day on School Bus

A family in Vigo County, located west of Indianapolis, had a frightening experience when their son fell asleep on a school bus and was left alone for most of the day, reported WTHI-TV 10.

Robert, a third-grade student, dozed off on the bus as it was headed to Terre Town Elementary School on Sept. 21.

“I was scared. I got left on the bus,” he told WTHI-TV.

Kelli Lientz, Robert’s mother, reportedly said she was contacted at 3:30 p.m. by the school district director of transportation, who informed her that her son had fallen asleep on the bus that morning.

Lientz told WTHI-TV 10 that her son had managed to squeeze out of the bus doors and was found by a woman in a nearby Arby’s parking lot.

Lientz added that the director of transportation told her that the school bus driver had failed to check all the bus seats after performing the morning drop off at the school. While the article didn’t specify whether Lientz was anxious about the school bus ride going forward, she did indicate that she wanted the school bus driver fired.

“I’m just really, really, really upset about it. My kid could have been run over, kidnapped, he could have overheated on the bus if it was any hotter.” Lientz told WTHI-TV 10.

Vigo County is reportedly investigating the incident and will be taking appropriate action.

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