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Longtime School Bus Driver Presented Accident-Free Driving Award Shortly Before Death

A Maryland school bus driver and contractor for 53 years received a posthumous award for safe operations, reported the Caroll County Times.

The Carroll County School Bus Contractors Association and the Carroll County Public Schools transportation services department presented the Top Gun Award to Jim Rill before he died from cancer on July 16. The award is presented every three years to the area bus driver with the longest accident-free driving record.

However, this year’s banquet was postponed due to the new coronavirus pandemic, and officials presented the award at Rill’s house instead.

Rill was recognized for his 53 years of driving accident free. The previous recipient of the Top Gun award was Rill’s Uncle, Paul Rill, who drove accident-free for 51 years and has since retired.

Jim Rill’s wife, Linda, also drove a school bus and was encouraged by her husband to start driving. The duo reportedly loved forming relationships with the students and getting them to school safely.

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