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Maryland School District Discusses What Sitting Buses Mean for Drivers

Some school districts across Maryland are opting for a full virtual start to school in the fall, but as school buses were left to sit this spring, so were the bus drivers that operate those vehicles, reported WBALTV.

For instance, in Baltimore County Schools, more than 1,000 school buses were brought to a standstill. At least as many school bus drivers and attendants that operate them also stopped working. However, some school buses, such as those serving Winfield Elementary School, provided food deliveries for families.

Samuel Mason in the district’s office of food and nutrition told WBALTV that school buses are vital to delivering meals to all of their students. Delivering meals could be school bus drivers’ new missions.

School bus drivers who deliver meals will reportedly be paid their regular wages and assured they won’t be laid off or furloughed when the school year begins. The school bus drivers will also be to assist instructional needs by delivering homework and school supplies.

Maintenance crews have also been busy making sure the buses are ready to roll when they will be needed.

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