January 2023

Cover photo by Vincent Rios Creative. Cover design by Kimber Horne.

We’re ringing in the new year with the first issue of 2023!

Recap some of the topics covered at the TSD 2022 conference, including drafting school bus emergency evacuation plans and how to adhere to federal guidelines when working with students with special needs and disabilities. Learn more about how districts are implementing creative routing solutions, the importance of communication within transportation organizations and more!

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Cover Story

120 Seconds
TSD Conference training advised on the importance of determining a student’s abilities versus their disabilities when drafting school bus emergency evacuation plans. 


Creative Routing Helps Meet Special Needs
Understanding the unique needs of all student riders, especially those with disabilities, can assist with optimizing district or transportation provider routes. 

Getting a Handle
Training school bus drivers in handling private student information and helping them navigate select behavioral issues may keep more students on the yellow school bus. 

Special Reports

Thinking Outside the Bus
Creative solutions for transporting students with special needs, who are experiencing homelessness, or in foster care are paramount to ensuring safe and on-time delivery at school during a time of driver shortages. 

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Editor’s Take by Ryan Gray
Yellow or Not, Uniform Minimum Standards are Needed 

Thought Leader by Tammy Franks
Invest in Child Restraint Training Today, Reap Safety Benefits Tomorrow 

Thought Leader by Alexandra Robinson
Post-TSD Conference is Terrific and Timely But Not at all Traumatic 

Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin
The Power of Many 

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