June 2019

    The nationwide driver shortage, the accountability of school districts and school bus operators, school bus refurbishment and more.

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    Cover Story

    Contractor Profiles
    Suffolk Transportation, Inc. in New York is one of the 10 companies featured this month, as the contractors share perspectives on the driver shortage, alternative-fuel adoption and more.


    The Never-Ending Story?
    It is apparent that the nationwide driver shortage can’t be solved by only increasing pay. Transportation directors are finding other solutions to keep drivers on staff and behind the wheel.

    Risk & Reward
    Who is accountable for some of the many issues affecting liability for school districts and school bus operators nationwide?

    Special Reports

    Refurbish vs. Replace?
    While refurbishing school buses remains a valuable option for many districts, others are finding it increasingly unnecessary, especially with the recent influx of grant money for new purchases.

    Student Transporters Grapple with New Ridesharing Trend
    School districts and parents are hesitant about the liability and safety concerns that come with on-demand ridesharing apps, as confusion has resulted about who or what regulates the service.


    Editor’s Take by Ryan Gray
    Positive Culture is Invaluable, No Matter the Economy

    Thought Leader by Ted Thien
    Blockbuster and the School Bus

    Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin
    Rising Fuel Costs = Alternative Energy


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