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GoFundMe to Assist Oklahoma School Bus Driver After Tornado Destroys Home

An Oklahoma school bus driver’s home was destroyed by a tornado, and the industry is doing what it does best: Rallying together to help those in need.

Michael O’Brien, a school bus driver for Moore Public Schools in the Oklahoma City area, had his home in nearby Norman destroyed by a tornado that decimated the area on Feb. 26.

According to local news reports, the tornado had widespread gusts ranging from 70 to 90 miles per hour. There were several reports of damage to homes, trees and power lines around Norman. At least 12 to 15 people were injured and hospitalized during the natural disaster.

O’Brien has been a school bus driver for Moore Public Schools for over 22 years and the tornado seriously affected him and his family. The district is the third largest in the state.

TransPar Group released a statement on social media confirming that O’Brien’s home was not only destroyed but his vehicles and countless personal items were also damaged beyond repair.

A GoFundMe page was created to provide financial support to O’Brien and his family, help rebuild their home, and replace lost items.

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