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Parent Arrested for Alleged Assault of North Carolina School Bus Driver

Police arrested a parent accused of throwing bleach in the face of a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools bus driver.

The incident occurred the morning of Oct. 18 while students were being transported to Winterfield Elementary School, a district spokeswoman told School Transportation News. According to the police report obtained by STN, the suspect boarded the school bus at one of the stops and “threw a chemical substance” in the 72-year-old school bus driver’s face.

The offense is classified simple assault, a misdemeanor.

Police arrested Regina Nicole Fields, 30, over the weekend. She is charged with charged with assault on a school employee.

The school district spokeswoman confirmed the substance was bleach and that the suspect is a parent. The driver was treated at the scene by paramedics for minor injuries, according to the police report. She told a local reporter that her vision was still blurry.

The school district spokeswoman added nine students were also on board at the time. They were transported to school on a different bus that was dispatched to the scene.

A police spokesman told STN on Oct. 20 that a warrant was issued for the suspect, but no arrest had been made at that time. He added that surveillance footage of the incident would be part of the internal investigative file and was not being released publicly at this time.

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