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Arizona School Bus Driver Assaulted on School Bus

A school bus driver for Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District was assaulted by a man at the bus stop on Monday afternoon, reported News 4 Tucson.

The news outlet obtained a disturbing video showing the exact moment when the bus driver was punched in the face by a man that walked onto the bus while it was stopped at the bus stop.

In the video, a young child is reportedly heard arguing with the bus driver saying, “push my brother again.” Moments later a man can be heard cursing and ordering the driver to step out of the bus, before walking in and punching the driver.

The incident occurred on bus #43 while it was dropping off students near the Rio Rico Plaza.

Chief Deputy Heraldo Castillo reportedly said via the article that authorities are talking to staff and other students while also trying to locate the man who punched the driver.

The condition of the driver is unknown as they refused medical assistance.

The article stated that authorities reportedly spoke with Linda Ramos, who says her two sons ride that bus and claims the bus driver has been aggressive and abusive to her 9-year-old son.

Ramos claims she has reported the bus driver to the school district and the Sheriff’s Office before, but they did not take her seriously.

Castillo reportedly stated they are actively investigating the allegations against the driver as well as the attack against him.

Ramos was asked if she knew anything about the assault on the driver and who did it, but she stated she was not there and does not know.

The school district reportedly sent an alert to parents that day notifying them of the assault. The case remains under investigation.

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