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Brazil Student Dies After Leaning Out of Moving Bus

A Brazilian school girl died last week after she leaned her head out a bus window and was hit by a pole, reported NYPost News.

According to the news report, 13-year-old Fernanda Pacheco Ferraz was waving to her classmates when the incident occurred.

Ferraz, who reportedly attended Rio de Janeiro’s Professor Carlos Cortez State College, was sitting at the back of the bus when she leaned out the window of the moving vehicle to say goodbye to her friends.

To avoid oncoming traffic on a narrow street, the driver reportedly swerved to the side when Ferraz collided with a pole near the curb, suffering a tremendous head injury.

Bus passengers informed the driver of the incident and prompted him to stop the vehicle.

The driver, identified as Nova Faol, reportedly alerted authorities quickly. However, Ferraz was already dead when first responders arrived at the scene.

The incident highlights policies U.S. school districts have for students to remain seated and keep all parts of their bodies inside school buses at all times.

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