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North Carolina School District Faces Severe School Bus Driver Shortage

Parents are begging for bus routes as Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) faces a severe school bus driver shortage, reported ABC 11.

As the beginning of the school year is near, some families in Wake County have been reportedly told there are no bus routes available for their children. Others have been put on notice that transportation is going to be an issue.

According to the article, the district sends a message to parents warning them about the severity of the bus driver shortage they are facing. They also notified families that some days no bus will be available, and students will have to find alternative transportation.

ABC 11 stated that reporters have been trying to contact WCPSS to find out how many driver vacancies there are and to learn what is being done right to hire more bus drivers. The station said it had yet to hear back at this report.

Furthermore, parents have reportedly been calling WCPSS nonstop and are yet to receive a response.

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