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Virginia School District Addresses Transportation Operations Amid COVID-19

As school systems across Virginia try to figure out how to safely open in the fall, the Montgomery County School Board discussed challenges relating to transportation during a recent meeting, reported WSLS.

The school district is looking at two different transportation options. Option one is limiting bus capacity to 13 students on a 77-passenger bus, which would be accomplished by placing one student in every other seat. Excluding special education runs, transporting students under this option would require the use of all of the district’s 74 buses plus an additional 190 school buses.

It would also limit the maximum students who would be able to attend in-person class on assigned days to 25 percent of the district’s middle school and high school students.

Option two is limiting bus capacity to 26 students, or one student per seat. This option would also require students to wear face coverings. This option would double the number of middle and high school students who could attend in-person classes.

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The district is awaiting results from a parent survey to determine how many children will be riding the bus before choosing an option. The results will also indicate changes for elementary schools, which could consist of staggering schedules and remote learning.

School campuses would be closed on Wednesdays for deep cleaning.

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