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STN EXPO Indianapolis Keynote Speaker Mulick Lays a Foundation for De-Escalation

“The best intervention is prevention,” said board-certified behavior analyst Patrick Mulick, who will present strategies for de-escalation on board school buses and within transportation departments at STN EXPO Indianapolis.

Mulick, a fan-favorite at the Transporting Students with Disabilities and Special Needs Conference, answers the question, “What systems do we have in place to help our staff help the students in the most effective way?” With increased behavioral challenges being observed since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mulick will explain the importance of building strong connections not only between students and staff but also among peers, employees and parents.

The keynote session, “Foundations in De-escalation” will be held on Monday, June 5. It will aim to give attendees tools and strategies to better understand how to show empathy and handle new behaviors. with understanding. He will also speak on the need for employees to learn how to take care of themselves so that they can enter stressful situations ready to problem-solve.

Mulick, who is the assistant director of autism services and student independence at Auburn School District in Washington state, will also address legal considerations and that de-escalation strategies are not a “one size fits all” for districts. He will also dive into the common misconceptions of de-escalation and how attendees can learn to resolve situations without simply resorting to a series of consequences.

Save $100 on full conference registration with the Early Bird Discount, valid through April 28. Visit stnexpo.com/east to register. The conference is held from June 2-6.

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