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Michigan Middle School Student to Receive NAPT Heroism Award

Seventh grader Dillion Reeves, who was lauded as hero after taking action when his school bus driver lost consciousness, received a heroism award for his selfless and decisive actions.

Reeves is credited with saving his school bus driver’s life after she experienced dizziness while driving on April 26 and passed out before she could safely pull over and stop the bus. Reeves jumped up from his seat and grabbed the steering wheel then calmly stepped on the brakes. He brought the bus to a stop and asked other students to call 911.

After the incident occurred, questions arose regarding how Reeves had been the one student to notice the driver’s medical emergency.

On an interview with local news reporters, Steve Reeves, the boy’s father, stated that his son does not own a cellphone. Other students were distracted listening to music or looking at social media.

The National Association for Pupil Transportation is recognizing Reeves on Oct. 29 at the organization’s national conference in Columbus, Ohio.

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