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Former New Hampshire School Bus Driver Sentenced to Federal Prison

A former Greenland, New Hampshire, school bus driver has been sentenced to nine years in federal prison after cyberstalking an 8-year-old boy, reported KIRO 7.

According to the news report, Michael Chick had been stalking a Greenland Central School student on his bus route for some time.

The article states Chick had given the boy multiple cellphones with instructions to take inappropriate photos of himself. Additionally, Chick also placed tracking devices on the boy’s parent’s car and made various nighttime visits to the boy’s home.

Subsequently, the boy’s parents became concerned with what they believed was Chick’s obsession with their son and filed a police report.

Chick was arrested in 2022 and reportedly pleaded guilty last month in federal court to one count of cyberstalking. He was also sentenced to three years of supervised release.

However, a judge had previously rejected a plea deal that included a six-year prison sentence, saying it was not long enough. Chick has now been sentenced to nine years in prison.

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