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Maine Student Caught in School Bus Door is Dragged Down the Road

A school bus driver continued traveling several blocks after a student’s arm became trapped in the front door while exiting at his stop, reported 13 WGME News.

Chandler Benway was getting off his school bus when the driver closed the door without realizing the student’s arm had gotten caught

Benway told reporters the after the bus started moving again, he had to lift his legs up to avoid further injuries while being dragged down the street.

According to the boy’s mom Danielle Benway, the driver dragged her son 50 to 60 feet, through an intersection and to the next stop sign.

The young boy said a witness tried to stop the bus when he saw Chandler hanging off the side of It. However, the school bus driver did not notice. He finally stopped and opened the door, and Chandler was released to the ground.

Danielle Benway was reportedly extremely upset at the fact that the driver did not notice a 120-pound child was being dragged on the side of the bus. She also stated that the driver did not apologize and lacked empathy.

The child was taken to the hospital as a precaution but did not sustain serious injuries.

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