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N.C. School Bus Drives Down Embankment, Injuring 14

A school bus carrying Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy volleyball team players drove off the side of the road this week, traveling 30 feet down an embankment, reported WLOS News.

The crash happened Monday night in McDowell County, North Carolina. The school bus drove down an embankment on Coxes Creek Mountain, injuring 14 people, including the bus driver who was airlifted to a local hospital.

WLOS said two coaches, the bus driver and 11 students were injured. As of yesterday, Aug. 27, three people remained hospitalized.

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An update by WLOS News reported the bus was up to code, while the bus driver was one of the school’s most experienced drivers. The bus driver was reportedly released Monday night from the hospital.

The school made counselors available, and the crash is reportedly still under investigation.

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