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Two Students Struck After High School Student Illegally Passes School Bus

An 18-year-old Ohio woman turned herself into the police, after striking two children as they walked off a school bus on May 13, reported ABC 5 News Cleveland.

The high school senior admitted that she hit the two children, panicked and fled the scene, according to ABC. The woman was in a rush when the incident occurred, news reports said.

She is reportedly expected to be charged with failure to stop for an accident, a misdemeanor in the first degree. She is expected to receive traffic charges for driving to the left of the center, passing a stopped school bus and reckless operation.

Both students are reportedly all right following the incident, reported ABC13.

The elementary school students were struck as they exited the school bus, the article stated. The bus did have the stop-arm extended, and the bus driver tried to stop the car, but was unsuccessful.

The woman is scheduled to return to court on May 30.


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