Mobile School Bus Food Pantry Provides Thanksgiving Meal

Stock photo of school buses.

In Indianapolis, the first mobile food pantry, the Food Access Mobile (FAM), hit the streets, providing Thanksgiving meals to Indy’s hungry population last week, reported FOX 59 News.

The school bus stocked with refrigerated shelves and plenty of food is serving areas around central Indiana to help with the city’s hungry population. The mobile grocery store was reportedly veteran Jeff Piper’s dream.

“I envisioned a bus full of food traveling around the city,” Piper told FOX 59. “I made some notes, I went out a couple of weeks later, and I bought a bus.”

Piper teamed up with the nonprofit Faith Hope Love, which aims to solve hunger in Indiana, to bring his dream into reality. Together they plan to take the mobile food pantry to new levels.

They reportedly want to transform the idea from simply giving away food, to the overarching goal of alleviating hunger. Meaning, they plan to help the local community with job training or counseling.