N.J. School Bus Driver Charged After Nearly Striking Child

Wobm.com video capture.

Lakewood, N.J. police officers have filed charges against a school bus driver in New Jersey who nearly hit a 7-year-old boy after getting off the school bus, reported wobm.com.

According to the article, the officer found that the school bus, operated by Congregation Tal Tor To Yis, did not have functioning safety equipment, including a safety-arm.

The bus driver, Moses Weisburger, 41, did not activate the flashing red stop lights, the safety arm, or the front bumper crossing control arm, which is required by New Jersey law.

A video shows the boy getting off the school bus and attempting to walk in front of the bus to cross the street. However, the video shows the bus start to move, prompting the child to jump out of the way.

Lakewood police confirmed the bus was taken out of service, noted the article, until all mandated repairs are made.