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Philadelphia Student Struck by Dirt Bike While Unloading from School Bus

A 13-year-old girl from Philadelphia was struck by a dirt-bike rider Monday afternoon while exiting her school bus, reported ABC 6 News.

According to the news report, the 17-year-old male on a dirt bike drove past the stopped school bus and immediately struck the girl as she was exiting the school bus at the intersection of Torresdale Avenue and Marple Street.

Witnesses said the young girl fell to the ground and was bleeding from her head. The teenage dirt bike rider tried to flee the scene but was stopped by eyewitnesses.

Police who reportedly arrived at the scene said the girl suffered cuts to her head but is listed in stable condition at a nearby hospital. The dirt bike rider sustained cuts on the face and was also listed in stable condition.

The identity of both minors was not disclosed at this writing. Police confirmed via the article that the 17-year-old received tickets but information on whether or not he will be arrested was unavailable.

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